University of L'Aquila, Italy. Department of Human Sciences. Viale Nizza 14, 67100 L'Aquila. Room 1.A

 Thursday, July 19th
Welcome reception
14.50-15.30Session 1: Firebreak location problems
14:50-15:10Locating fuel breaks to minimise the risk of impact of wild fire.
Adan Rodríguez, Begoña Vitoriano, Marc Demange, and Ignacio Leguey
15:10-15:30A spatial optimisation model for fuel management to break the connectivity of high-risk regions while maintaining habitat quality.
Javier León, Victor M.J.J. Reijnders, John W. Hearne, Melih Ozlen and Karin J. Reinke
Coffee break
16.00-17.00Session 2: Drones in fire management
16:00-16:20On the Localization of Sensors using a Drone with UWB Antennas.
Francesco Betti Sorbelli, Cristina Maria Pinotti
16:20-16:40Proof-of-Concept Swarm of Autonomous Drones Self-Organised to Fight Wildfires.
Mauro S. Innocente, Paolo Grasso
16:40-17:00Computer vision system for fire detection and report using UAVs.
Pablo Chamoso, Alfonso González Briones, Fernando De La Prieta, Juan M. Corchado
18.00-23.00Social events

 Friday, July 20th
9.30-10.30 Session 3: Evacuation problems
09:30-09:50Applying a network flow model to quick and safe evacuation of people from a building: a real case.
Claudio Arbib, Henry Muccini, Mahyar T. Moghaddam
09:50-10:10The Probabilistic k-Center Problem.
Marc Demange, Marcel Adonis Haddad, Cécile Murat
10:10-10:30Data Instance generator and optimization models for evacuation planning in the event of wildfire.
Christian Artigues, Emmanuel Hébrard, Yannick Pencolé Andreas Schutt, Peter J. Stuckey
Coffee break
11.00-12.00Session 4: Fire propagation models
11:00-11:20ForeFire open source wildfire front propagation model solver and programming interface.
Jean-Baptiste Filippi
11:00-11:20Predictability of Finite State Machines for smart fire emergency management.
Gabriella Fiore, Alessandro Marucci, Elena De Santis
11:00-11:20Developing forest fires robust tools from first-responders experience: HEIMDALL Multi- Hazard Cooperative Management Tool for Data Exchange, Response Planning and Scenario Building.
Jordi Vendrell, Sefik Muhic, Bruce Farquharson, Edgar Nebot, Daniel Queralt, Lorenzo Stefano, Juan Caamaño, Núria Prat, Monika Friedemann
12.15-13.00WP3 meeting
Only for GEO-SAFE members


L'Aquila guided visit, 18.00-20.00, meeting point: Fontana Luminosa.

Dinner, 20.00-23.00, Restaurant Delfina alle 99 Cannelle. Via Borgo Rivera, 23.